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More so than other companies, camping businesses rely on the great outdoors to thrive. Here at Gordigear we understand that our success is intrinsically linked to healthy ecosystems and naturally, environmental sustainability forms part of our DNA. Like our customers, we realise that camping not only reduces our carbon footprint (for instance compared to holidays involving air travel), but also brings people closer to nature and fosters environmental awareness.

To take an even more active approach, Gordigear, in cooperation with tree-nation, has launched its "one tree per tent" campaign. For every tent we sell, we plant a tree. There are a myriad of things we could have done, so why plant trees? For starters, it is a highly emotional and personal choice. All of us here at Gordigear live and love camping and there are a handful of scenarios that are treasured by many and make this lifestyle ever so addictive. Waking up to the sound of rolling waves on a secluded beach. Experiencing the silence of a starry night in the middle of a remote African desert. Falling asleep to the rustling sound of leaves amidst the swaying trees of a forest.

And it is this last experience, which gets amplified by the raised setting of a vehicle based roof top tent. We feel very much at home amongst the trees, when out and about in our "mobile tree-houses". There is something truly special about peering out the tent window and being greeted by a laughing kookaburra. Something truly special about seeing eye-to-eye from your elevated position with a bee eater of the Black Forest. Something truly special about fruit bats coming within arms reach on their vespertine foraging trips. It is not surprising then, that we are so passionate about conserving trees and forests.

But it is more than just a touchy-feely choice. It makes good business sense too! We see every planted tree as an investment. An investment that will pay off for many future generations. Trees are our number one weapon against climate change. They capture and store massive amounts of carbon, thus reducing CO2 in the atmosphere. Trees provide protection against erosion and improve soil quality. Deforestation is a major cause of flooding and the devastating effect it has on human and animal life globally. Trees purify water and provide the oxygen we all need to breath and live. They are rightly called the lungs of the planet. Trees provide vital shade, and forests all around the world are home to all kinds of flora and fauna. Some endangered, some essential for generating medical compounds. Forests have shown to have a positive impact on the mental well-being of those who frequent them. Put simply, a tree planted today will positively impact us and our environment for decades to come.

Here at Gordigear, we are in love with the idea that future generations might camp under a tree that we planted today. We would like to thank all our customers for supporting our dream and enabling us to make a positive change. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and happy camping!

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