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"What can I say about the Gordigear rooftop tent ... it is over eight years old and I purchased it second hand in Sydney; the only words I can think of are exceptional, well made and perfect. We have used it for three weeks off track in the Simpson Desert, three weeks in South Australia and down Googs Track plus numerous other weekend off road trips - some severe - it has performed flawlessly."

Gerald M, Australia


"Our 165cm wide roof tent has definitely endured a lot: 40 degrees in the searing heat of southern Europe, prolonged rain fall, a hurricane in Northafrica, and freezing temperatures in the desert."

Gerold H, Germany


"Our trip allowed us to validate the tent under all conditions! Cold and wet the first night, followed by a very strong wind, accompanied by a storm and lightning falling right next to us for a second! In short, we validate!"

Ambre C, France


"I love the tent. I watched a lot of videos and did my research before I settled on your product."

Kenny G, United States


"Our company is involved in all-terrain adventure tourism and we carry out 4x4 tours in Portugal, Spain and Morocco. I'm very happy with the great Gordigear equipment."

Aventura Norte, Portugal


"I've just come back from a four week/12500km trip across Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia. And I'm happy to report that my tent has held up pretty well. The trip included about 3500km on dirt roads."

Alexander Z, Australia


"I am loving the complete set up and the tent is fantastic to sleep in with a very comfortable mattress."

John-Patrick Q, United Kingdom


"Our Gordigear tent was AMAZING! We spent 10 weeks travelling through South Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland before making our way back to Tassie. We had cold, hot, windy, rainy, humid, dry ... you name it we had it! And our Gordigear stuff was unkillable! When we did the Oodnadatta Track we had winds nearly 100km per hour for a couple of days, dust storms like I've never seen and our little tent home never even got a tear or rip anywhere! We saw lots of other roof top tents with damage but not us! Thank you so much for making such good equipment, it made our trip fabulous."

Julie T, Australia


"Greetings from Iceland. The tent has been amazing."

Kristinn Þeyr M,


"It was a great week with the Savannah in August 2019 and we had everything from storm, thunderstorms, rain and sun. The tent was always bullet-proof and everything was super dry inside. Felt very safe and comfortable in the Savannah. We are really satisfied with the Gordigear service and products."

Michel V B, Germany


"We wanted to test the roof tent for three days in the mountains and high regions of the Carnic Alps of Friuli. I have to say that I'm totally stoked. It has already endured heavy winds and five hours of intense rainfall at one of our camp sites (Monte Palauro, approx. 2000m above sea level) without any problems."

Norbert F, Italy


"We enjoyed seeing most parts of Australia, first in a Gordigear rooftop tent and then in a Gordigear Savannah trailer tent. I am very grateful for your excellent backup service and the overall quality of Gordigear products. I've seen dozens of different rooftop tents and trailer tents and I think Gordigear's are simply the best."

Beat O, Australia

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