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The hybrid construction of the Gordigear roof tent combines a stable aluminum hard shell with flexible textile elements. This unique combination offers an optimal balance of durability and flexibility to meet the demands of a wide range of adventures.

The extremely stable aluminum hard shell of the Gordigear roof tent not only ensures resistance to the elements, but also enables effortless and quick assembly and dismantling - perfect for spontaneous adventures.

The Gordigear roof tent not only impresses with its comfort, but also with its space optimisation. An innovative scissor mechanism at the head of the tent allows for increased room height to create a spacious feeling.

The Gordigear roof tent not only guarantees comfort, but also protection from the elements. With an impressive combined water column rating of 8000mm, the inside of the tent stays dry, even in adverse weather conditions.

The overhanging entrance to the Gordigear roof tent not only allows for a relaxed entry, but also opens up the possibility of attaching an awning. This optionally available accessory creates additional space and a covered outdoor area - perfect for all weather conditions.

Enjoy a restful sleep on our comfortable memory foam mattress that adapts perfectly to your body shape. Experience relaxation and recreation, even in the most remote campsites.

Our well thought-out design includes a honeycomb base that effectively combats condensation and at the same time ensures optimal ventilation - for a pleasant sleeping environment, regardless of the weather.

Stay cozy and warm even during colder nights. The roof tent has a special inlet for heating hoses so you can enjoy the warmth without compromising on safety.

The 2-color LED light creates a cozy atmosphere and repells insects, while the practical shoe pockets keep the tent tidy so you can feel completely comfortable.

Experience a spacious feeling thanks to the generous room height - an inviting atmosphere that makes your camping adventure even more pleasant.

The 2.3m telescopic ladder (storage bag included) allows easy access to your cozy sleeping place inlofty heights.

Inside the tent is practical storage space for the most necessary things, including a practical viewing window for tablets.

Maximise storage space with the optional roof rack (not included) to safely transport additional equipment.

Experience camping in a new way with the Gordigear hard shell rooftop tent - with unparalleled comfort, thoughtful design and the freedom to sleep wherever your adventure takes you. Explore the world with Gordigear!


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Bonito (HBO15)


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