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Replacement Travel Cover Tanami 165cm inclusive zipper (RC16)
Travel Cover Tanami 165cm Zipper (RAR16)
Tanami Spring Steel Window Pole (set of 8) (SP01)
Roof Tent Spreader Pole (RSP01)
Stainless Steel Bracket S (6cm hole distance, set of 4) (MP0S)
Stainless Steel Bracket M (8cm hole distance, set of 4) (MP0M)
Stainless Steel Bracket L (12cm hole distance, set of 4) (MP0L)
Roof Tent Mounting Rail 165cm (set of 2) (MP16)
Roof Tent Ladder (RL01)
Roof Tent Sliding Plate with Bolts (set of 8) (SL01)
Roof Tent Mounting U-Bolt (set of 4) (UB01)
Roof Tent Installation Kit (MTS01)
Roof Tent Ladder Hinge (set of 2) (LSA01)
165cm Mattress (MAT16)
Replacement Canvas for ERT16 (CAE16)
Replacement Tropical Roof for ERT16 (FLE16)
Roof Tent Internal Hinge (set of 2) (SES01)
Bungee Cord Folding Aid 165cm (set of 4) (SG16)
Floor Panel 165cm (set of 2) (PB16)
Roof Tent Entrance U-Pole 165cm (DB16)
165cm Mattress Protector (DS16)
Travel Cover Velcro Straps (set of 2) (KBR01)
Travel Cover Straps (set of 4) (RAS01)
Side Velcro Strap (set of 2) (KBS01)
Roof Tent U-Pole Hinge (PS01)
Plastic Endcap (set of 4) (PE01)
Floor Corner (BPE01)


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Tanami Plus 165cm (ERT16)


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